Wrath of the Redmoon

Lore of the Mephus

Lore of Mephus
The lore of this world is the lore of not just any lore this is a story created by the divines. In the age before man the creator as he is known created the universe and appointed a pantheon of 15 gods, the gods were tasked to keep mephus under order. The gods had created the races of man with the intention of keeping the world in order. One day the god of Vengeance Uxtos was shaken on a poor deal and convinced 4 of the other gods to leave the order as it was known and join the redmoon pact which thrust the world of gods into madness as most gods and goddesses preferred to stay neutral 5 other gods and goddesses broke off to form the white star allegiance to combat the redmoon pact.

Redmoon pact: Uxtos god of envy, xygnia god of the underworld, almjir the god of revenge, vyta goddess of tricks, and kyqdea the goddess of murder.

White star allegiance: Ateus god of justice, ytia goddess of light, qedarr the god of victory, Kykreur the god of knowledge, and Azia goddess of honesty.

Neutral gods: Gorm the god of battle, cladius the god of trade, elnir god of the hunt, gyldon god of drinking, and nymes the god of magic.

As the war between the two sides waged the world of man looked to a new power amongst themselves electing the leaders of the known world. These leaders came together and had built standing dynasties that lasted to this day. There were a total of five kingdoms, the weles dynasty kingdom of man, the steelfoot kingdom homeland of the dwarves, elenhice kingdom the kingdom of the elves, ewbanok kingdom of orcs, and the elezaps empire the empire of the bearfolk. These 5 kingdoms had formed the cefax pact protecting the five kingdoms from th’emian races or unworthy races. This pact was broken in 120th year of new moon when the orcs attacked the dwarves. As the elves and elezaps refused to help the human kingdom came to the dwarves aid. Underestimating the sheer numbers of the orcs the humans would risk no more and retreated as the orcish numbers dwindled the dwarven people were forced to go on the all-out offensive, for years young adult dwarven children trained the dwarves won the war but now all the nations were now divided and the world could never be at such turmoil the realm of man is fighting amongst each other and the gods have not been at peace in hundreds of years. This is the time when man looked to the gods. It is the year 2552 and the worlds politics are falling as civilizations grow further away the forces of evil come together ever so slightly .

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