Gardock Steelfoot


Full Name- Gardock Steelfoot the Drunken

Height- 4’9"

Weight- 175lbs

Hair- long blonde hair with a long bear

age- 20


Gardock Steelfoot the drunken is the Dwarven clan leader from under the Steel mountain with mines so deep the dwarves have developed acute dark vision. Gardock rose to power in succession to the throne as his father Hrundi became very ill. Gardock is jeweled by the dwarves as the enlightening leader he has brought them out of the depression at only the age of 18 while he was a young king. This Is proven that he is one of the most successful leaders in a longtime. Gardock is also a scarred battle veteran as he has been wounded in a skirmish with an Elezap which has left him scarred across his face.

Gardock Steelfoot

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